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According to the local survey, Canadian Citizens spend $57,000 on second-hand goods and annually worth of the second-hand economy is $30 Billion. An Average Canadian family of approx four to five people yearly saves $1150 by purchasing second-hand goods. Here are some best thrift stores in Toronto, where you can save money and get good quality products.

The Value Village

The value village thrift store is one of the best thrift stores in Toronto, located near the Lansdowne subway station. This great thrift store has almost everything that a shopper wants to buy such as furniture, men’s and women’s wear, children’s clothing and their accessories. It also has household products and decorating goods also. A very neat and clean thrift store, properly organized, divided into sections to let the customers get easy access. A big changing room is available to try clothes.

Hidden Thrift Store

The hidden thrift store is also a well-known second-hand store located at north of Queen street, Roncesvalles. The hidden thrift store carries cheap second-hand goods. This store has interesting and appealing accessories collections and great variety of clothes. A well maintain second-hand store that provides great products at affordable prices. An outclass collection of accessories that will force you to buy them. Good quality of clothes that looks almost new, nobody can judge that they are old or second-hand. Visit this neat and clean second-hand store, you will like it hopefully.

Double Take

Double take is a second-hand store. Yonge Street Mission runs this store. This store focuses on endowing neat and clean clothing for all those families who are struggling to live properly in this world. Double Take provide professional outfits for the job interviews, dresses for wedding and other occasions. Overall, Double Take is the place where you can do cheap price range shopping. Double Take is serving the community to its surroundings. It has been facilitating people by giving best in less.

Thrift Town

Thrift Town is one of the biggest thrift store which provides reasonable mattresses and furniture. This store not only have mattresses and furniture, but also carry large stock of second-hand clothes. It has fabulous collections of clothes available for all ages. Factory rejected or second-hand furniture in great condition and beautiful designs are available here. People prefer to buy used furniture from Thrift Town. In the Thrift Town mattresses are not used. They are present in the section of factory rejected and used furniture, but they are not used. All the goods at Thrift Town are less in price..

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