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Are you looking to buy, sell, trade or donate used clothes, mixed rags, used shoes and Wipers? Then look no further.

ZnK Consumer Group is a professional company committed to helping Canadians recycle gently used ladies, men and children clothes, shoes, handbags, belt, ties, and soft toys. Not only ZnK Consumer Group empowers buyers to get the best product at an affordable price, but guarantees product quality.

We contribute to the environment by offering to trade for used clothing to help keep tons of solid textile waste out of our national landfills. ZnK Consumer Group is making it safe, easy and convenient for communities to recycle used clothing. We typically obtain our products from charities as well as from our suppliers. Most of our products are either consumed in North America or exported to various parts of the world. Below is a quick summary of our product distribution globally:

  • Mixed rags are not only consumed within North America, but also exported to India, Pakistan and Dubai (UAE).
  • Used shoes are exported to all continents globally.
  • Wipers are imported into North America for industrial use.
  • Sorted clothing operations are outsourced to grading facilities in Canada and India under supervision.

Sorted Clothing: Typical for used clothing, packaging happens in either small or large bales. Small Bales of sorted used clothing weigh about 45kg and 55kg (100 lbs and 121 lbs) where large bales weight around 300kg to 450kg (650lbs to 1000 lbs); and still larger bales are around 1000 lbs to 1200 lbs each.

Mixed Rags: Mixed rags into large bales of about 300kg to 450kg (650lbs to 1000 lbs); and still larger bales are around 1000 lbs to 1200 lbs each..

Note: We accommodate to meet custom packaging to accommodate buyers’ specific requirements.

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